Welcome to our site! A Little Society is a multipurpose children’s place created and operated in the center of Xanthi. In our area we combine free play with various workshops, a children’s salon, a children’s clothing and toys shop, our cafe-restaurant, as well as parallel educational events and activities for children and parents, while we also host a children’s birthday party.

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Our Place

We will be happy to see you in our cozy and hospitable place, in the center of Xanthi, to spend your time pleasantly, both you and your children! It has been designed and equipped for this purpose entirely with materials and products of the highest quality and technology and with special specifications to provide for easy access and use by children, as well as by sensitive social groups (disabled people, BRAILLE etc.) .

Children Birthday Parties

Στο A Little Society μπορείτε να προγραμματίσετε μαζί μας και διοργανώσουμε τα ωραιότερα παιδικά πάρτυ! Στον χώρο μας μπορούν τα παιδιά να παίξουν στον ευρύχωρο παιδότοπό μας, έχοντας για παρέα τους κλόουν μας και απολαμβάνοντας ένα γιορτινό μενού που μπορούμε σας ετοιμάσουμε, μέσα από μια πολύ μεγάλη γκάμα επιλογών για όλα τα γούστα.


An area designed focused on children, with the aim of combining the game with educational activities, in a safe environment.


A carefully designed menu for young and old-designed by nutritionists specialized in children’s diet-is waiting for you to try it!

S.T.E.M. Education

Through group classes, your children can be trained on a variety of activities and develop new skills.


Modern style for children, along with everything you need to decorate your baby’s room with or fill it with quality toys.