Preschool Music Education Lab

The Preschool Music Program addresses children aged 4-6 and is the first step in musical studies.
Pre-school music education covers two school years and its study material is divided into four semesters. The modules of the program are:

– Acquaintance with sounds
– Familiarization with the composition of music
– Contact with musical instruments
– The cultivation of voice and rhythm
– Listening to music
– Developing creativity with improvisations and music-kinetic games
Each class consists of 8-10 children.

The educational program was designed by music educators Hariklia Papanikolaou and Pavlina Liatsou, who are Special Scientists at the Pedagogical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and is being done in collaboration with the Music Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

Lessons take place once a week and last for 2 teaching hours.

Meet the teacher of Preschool Music Education Lab

Eva Xanthopoulidou

Eva Xanthopoulidou was born in Xanthi. In 1996, she enrols in the Xanthi branch of the Athens National Conservatory and attends Piano, Obligatory and Upper Theoretical. In 2007, she receives the Degree of Harmony with the grade of Excellent , as well as the Piano Degree in 2009 from the National Conservatory of Athens also wih the grade of Excellent. In 2013, she completes her studies in Musical Education. In 2014, she gets her Bachelor’s Degree of Achievement, while in 2016 the Fugue Degree and the Piano Diploma with Excellence. She is also a graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace and works as a Professor of Piano and Higher Theoretical at the Xanthi Branch of the National Conservatory of Athens from 2009 until today.

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