The Company


It is a standard multi-purpose playground for children that combines free play, workshops, a kids hair salon, a cafe -restaurant and scheduled training events and activities for children and parents (seminars, workshops, performances, etc.)


This business venture is based on the exclusive idea of Mrs. Philiss C. Moustafa, who is a graduate student of pre-school education with Postgraduate Studies in Special Needs Education, working in Greek Primary Education, a spouse and a mother of two children.

As a result of both her academic subject as a teacher and her personal experience as a mother, after her long stay abroad, Mrs. Moustafa wanted to introduce into the Greek context a private area of European educational standards that will focus on children aged 0-9 and will meet the needs of themselves and their companion.

It is a model and innovative enterprise for Greek data as there is no equivalent.


The project mentioned above is based both theoretically and practically on the most modern educational principles. The space is designed and equipped entirely for this purpose with materials and products of special specifications of the highest quality and technology and provides for easy access and use by sensitive social groups (disabled people, BRAILLE etc.).

Every detail has been studied for the child’s healthy physical, mental and emotional development.


The aim of the company is to educate the child through pleasant activities specially designed for it by highly trained staff and to constantly inform and educate the parent through the parallel actions with the assistance of scientific associates and to strengthen the relationship of child – parent / escorts (eg godparents, grandparents, etc.) through their joint participation in activities.


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Detailed information at all stages of ordering and receipt
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